My first record spotted in John Peel’s record archive!

For the past few months my good friend Leon (or Leroy depending on which social network you happen to have befriended him on!) has been working on this fantastic project to create an online archive of John Peel’s famous record collection.

I was chuffed to say the least when I received this picture from him last week which is a snapshot of the first record I ever released (Lyric Superbrand on Different Drummer recordings back in 2001) which Leon uncovered in the archive. In fact it’s slightly misleading to describe it as ‘my’ record since it was a compilation but about a quarter of the featured tracks are my own and I oversaw the compiling process and sat in on many of the recording sessions so I have a special connection to this record, dated in many ways though it may be.

Apparently the record is amongst the last 500 or so records John ever received and I have a feeling that I may have given it to him in person when Peel hosted Radio 1’s ‘1 Live In Birmingham’ event that I played at back in late 2001, although my recollection of that meeting is hazy. I do remember wanting desperately to talk to him about music and that he was in the middle of talking to someone else about last night’s football, about which I knew nothing and said even less.

The sticker in the photo shows John’s hand written notes and suggests that one track received the much coveted 3 star ‘must play’ rating. It’s hard to say definitively exactly which tracks are flagged because they are identified by the timings rather than track numbers (another curiosity of John’s archiving habits) but it seems the 3 star rating went to Lord Laing’s ‘Do What You Like’, produced by my good friend Mike Harris:

… and so this seems as good a time as any to share with you these outtakes from the Lyric Superbrand album that I put up on my Bandcamp page some months back but somehow never got round to sharing here. It’s a small selection of tracks recorded around the same time as the albumĀ  or shortly after, alternate versions and incomplete tracks / sketches. Hard to say of how much interest these are to people outside of those involved in the project but I like the idea of them seeing the light of day in some form or other so here they are!:

About musicofsubstance

A collector of hip hop, funk, soul, boogie and related beats and jazz based music since the late eighties. Came to prominence as a club DJ through involvement in Substance (one of the UK's largest and longest running hip hop and funk nights) and a 2 year spell as mix DJ on BBC Radio 1Xtra. In recent years a steady output of high profile mix albums has allowed me to DJ worldwide. Currently compiling a series of mix albums for the BBE label and producing an album for BBC New Urban Music Bursary award winning 7 piece jazz / soul outfit 'Maylight'.
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