Marc Mac presents Visioneers: Hipology – out now on BBE

If you read my ramblings here on a regular basis, you’ll have noticed it’s not that often that I take time out to say much about other people’s releases but Marc Mac’s latest offering ‘Hipology’ is something I can really get down with. Apart from the fact that Marc is someone I’m privileged to be able to call a label mate at BBE, the last Visioneers album ‘Dirty Old Hip Hop’ was essential headphone material for me for a good few years so this release is something I’ve been looking forward to for some time.

If you liked the first album then ‘Hipology’ will not disappoint – more of hip hop and dance music’s cornerstones re-invented and re-worked by the Visioneers band under Marc’s watchful eye and producer’s ear in a manner that screams heritage, quality and depth of cultural reference.

And they’ve been no slouches on the packaging either. The artwork’s excellent and the typical CD and download options are of course available, but you also have the option of a 5 x 7inch box set released especially for record store day and there’s even a t-shirt and cassette option produced in conjunction with 101 Apparel.

…and as if all that were not enough, there’s no shortage of audio promo to keep you occupied either. There’s a 12minute sampler mix for 101 Apparel to check on Soundcloud here, a nice mix of Boogie and Disco Rap for Laid Back from Marc on Mixcloud here and then of course the official Hipology mixtape on Bandcamp below:

Read more about Hipology including articles on cultural influences and the like at

Buy the album here

… and of course, not being one to pass up an opportunity to sell my wares, there are two tracks from Marc Mac’s first Visioneers album featured on my own mix album, BBE15, which you can buy here.


About musicofsubstance

A collector of hip hop, funk, soul, boogie and related beats and jazz based music since the late eighties. Came to prominence as a club DJ through involvement in Substance (one of the UK's largest and longest running hip hop and funk nights) and a 2 year spell as mix DJ on BBC Radio 1Xtra. In recent years a steady output of high profile mix albums has allowed me to DJ worldwide. Currently compiling a series of mix albums for the BBE label and producing an album for BBC New Urban Music Bursary award winning 7 piece jazz / soul outfit 'Maylight'.
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